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Erica H.

After graduating from FIDM in Los Angeles, and being the Fabric Buyer for BEBE, Erica decided she wanted to open her own boutique in beautiful Sonoma. After finding the perfect location, she designed it to match her dream and continues to perfect it to give her clients the perfect shopping experience.
Favorite Color: I love all color, but the color pallet for Fall has always been a true favorite.

Why Fashion: Fashion is an expression. It says who you are, your mood, without saying a word.

Inspiration: Everyday life is a huge inspiration, as well as confidant woman. The right outfit can give you all the confidence in the world-and confidence is a ladies best accessory.

Favorite Designer: I have so many-but, any designer big or small that focuses on an individuals best features, while keeping in mind comfort, style, and functionality is a favorite.

What Makes You Smile: Life. I take what I am given and make the best of it. Sometimes things aren’t what we perceive they should be but at the end of the day when I have customers tell me how much I have helped them and the happiness Perle’ gave them-that makes me smile.  Along with sunshine and a new summer dress.